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Board Self-Assessment: Improve Your Foundation’s Effectiveness (electronic download)


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Self-assessment is an excellent choice for small foundation boards at any stage. Whether your board is focused on fundraising, revising your mission and strategies, or struggling with internal divisions, a good self-assessment offers practical, useful results that help your board stay on track.

This primer is designed to empower your board to take a thoughtful approach to self-assessment so that the process is positive, productive, and even fun for everyone involved. It will also help you:
  • Clarify what a self-assessment can and cannot do for your board.
  • Prepare for a self-assessment.
  • Walk you step-by-step through the process of conducting a self-assessment.
  • Provide strategies to help you and your board make the most of your results.
Thoughtful self-assessments help board members make their voices heard, keep the foundation on track, and create solid action plans to address any trouble spots. These all are outcomes that are sure to benefit your board, your foundation, and your grantees.

22 pages

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Product ID: 2002
Publication Year: 2015

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