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Recruiting Foundation Board Members: How to Find the Right People (electronic download)


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One of the most important decisions you will make for your foundation is selecting your board members. The people you choose will help shape your foundation’s future and influence its ability to fulfill its mission.

This primer guides you through an effective board recruitment process. It covers topics including:
  • Identifying and cultivating potential board members
  • Developing a board qualifications statement
  • Conducting interviews
  • Understanding the benefits of a diverse board of directors
  • Developing strategies to achieve board diversity
  • Finding the right people for your foundation’s board
The primer also includes a sample board job description, invitation to board prospects, and board member application that you can tailor to meet your organization’s needs.

With this resource, you can fine-tune your board recruitment process and with time, establish a board that is well matched with your foundation.

28 pages

Print version available here.

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