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10-Minute Impact Assessment

Sara Beggs
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We all want to have impact—or, in simpler terms, make a real difference. This desire often leads us to ask questions such as, How do we know we’re actually making a difference? Could we be making a bigger difference? We want to have a bigger impact, but how do we get there?

If you are asking questions like these, this simple tool will:

  • Give you a framework for discussing impact
  • Help you identify areas of strength and opportunities for increasing your impact
  • Give you tips and resources to strengthen specific areas in your journey toward greater impact.


    “If we’re not actively pursuing real impact with everything we’ve got, we’re simply processing paper and redistributing assets. Why settle for that when we can see and participate in real change?” – Emily Hull-Parsons, The William McCaskey Chapman & Adaline Dinsmore Chapman Foundation

    Exponent Philanthropy thanks The Coleman Foundation for its generous support of this publication.

    Customer Feedback about the 10-Minute Impact Assessment -

    “I love this tool. I was able to use it at one of my last staff meetings and it was a great way to start a conversation with my staff.”

    “Really crystalized a way to focus our management discussions.”

    “Learned about the diversity of paths possible.”

    "It can be an eye-opening, even humbling experience."

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    Publication Year: 2013

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