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The Trustee Handbook

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This handbook is designed specifically for trustees of small foundations with few or no staff. It is a comprehensive resource that features detailed guidance on important topics for every board member and trustee, including:
  • Small Foundation Governance
  • Grantmaking,
  • Tax and Legal Issues
  •  Financial oversight and investments. Our most comprehensive resource for every trustee and board member. Includes:
In addition, the handbook includes updates on recent laws affecting small foundations and sample documents to save you time and money while helping you serve effectively in your role.

188 pages

Table of Contents: 
  • Chapter 1: Effective Foundation Boards 
    • Roles & Responsibilities 
    • Building a Healthy Board 
    • Setting Direction
    • Running the Board Effectively 
    • Making Plans for Succession 
  • Chapter 2: The Board's Role in Grantmaking 
    • Setting Up Your Grantmaking Program & Process
    • Doing Good Grantmaking
  • Chapter 3: Legal & Tax Issues 
    • Getting Started
    • Private Foundation Laws 
    • Private Foundation Tax Issues
  • Chapter 4: Financial Oversight & Investments
    • Financial Oversight
    • Making Prudent Investments
    • Glossary 
  • Chapter 5: Roles & Responsibilities 
    • The Board
    • The Board Members
    • The Board Chair
  • Chapter 6: Building a Healthy Board
    • The Board Building Cycle
    • Deciding Who Is on Your Board
    • Training New Board Members
  • Chapter 7: Setting Direction
    • Developing Guiding Documents
    • Documenting Donor Intent
    • Building on Values
    • Mission Statement with Purpose
    • Creating a Code of Ethics 
  • Chapter 8: Running the Board Effectively 
    • Policies That Build, Not Burder
    • Making the Most of Meetings
    • Board Dynamics
    • Why a Board Retreat May Be the Answer
    • Board Self-Evaluation: How Are We Doing? 
    • Committees That Work
    • Dividing the Work by Engaging Consultants 
  • Chapter 9: Making Plans for Succession 
  • Chapter 10: Additional Resources

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