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The Trustee Handbook

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This handbook is designed specifically for trustees of small foundations with few or no staff. It is a comprehensive resource that features detailed guidance on important topics for every board member and trustee, including:

  • Small Foundation Governance
  • Grantmaking,
  • Tax and Legal Issues
  •  Financial oversight and investments. Our most comprehensive resource for every trustee and board member. Includes:

In addition, the handbook includes updates on recent laws affecting small foundations and sample documents to save you time and money while helping you serve effectively in your role.

188 pages

  • Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Effective Foundation Boards 
    • Roles & Responsibilities 
    • Building a Healthy Board 
    • Setting Direction
    • Running the Board Effectively 
    • Making Plans for Succession 
  • Chapter 2: The Board's Role in Grantmaking 
    • Setting Up Your Grantmaking Program & Process
    • Doing Good Grantmaking
  • Chapter 3: Legal & Tax Issues 
    • Getting Started
    • Private Foundation Laws 
    • Private Foundation Tax Issues
  • Chapter 4: Financial Oversight & Investments
    • Financial Oversight
    • Making Prudent Investments
    • Glossary 
  • Chapter 5: Roles & Responsibilities 
    • The Board
    • The Board Members
    • The Board Chair
  • Chapter 6: Building a Healthy Board
    • The Board Building Cycle
    • Deciding Who Is on Your Board
    • Training New Board Members
  • Chapter 7: Setting Direction
    • Developing Guiding Documents
    • Documenting Donor Intent
    • Building on Values
    • Mission Statement with Purpose
    • Creating a Code of Ethics 
  • Chapter 8: Running the Board Effectively 
    • Policies That Build, Not Burden
    • Making the Most of Meetings
    • Board Dynamics
    • Why a Board Retreat May Be the Answer
    • Board Self-Evaluation: How Are We Doing? 
    • Committees That Work
    • Dividing the Work by Engaging Consultants 
  • Chapter 9: Making Plans for Succession 
  • Chapter 10: Additional Resources

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