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2017 Foundation Operations and Management Report (electronic download)

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The 2017 Foundation Operations and Management Report is based on the 16th operations and management survey of members of Exponent Philanthropy that was fielded in the summer of 2016.

More foundations that operate with few or no staff are engaging in activities that expand beyond traditional grantmaking, The report highlights numerous activities that lead to outsized impact, allowing each dollar granted to result in more than just the monetary value of their giving, including:
  • 79% send board members on site visits
  • 63% collaborate with other funders
  • 43% convene grantee
It also includes the following findings:
  • Foundation members collectively awarded an estimated $4 billion, 5.2% of their assets.
  • Succession and the need for greater focus/impact in their grantmaking are top concerns
  • Women outnumber men in all the staff roles in the survey with just 44% of CEO/top administrators identifying as male.
  • Women CEOs or executive directors earn, on average, 85 cents for every $1 paid to men, regardless of employee experience or foundation asset size.
Exponent Philanthropy members support many issues, including education (75%), human services (60%), health (55%), arts & culture (52%), and environment and animals (33%). They are funding locally (83%), at the state level (40%), regionally (23%), nationally (35%), and internationally (21%).

Print version available here. 

*Each Exponent Philanthropy member will be mailed one complimentary printed copy. Additional copies are available for purchase. All reports will mail by the end of February.


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